Welcome to the party!

JJ here – I’m the lead guy behind the scenes at Cycling Beast, and I’m glad to have you here.

The mission of Cycling Beast is simple, we aim to remove roadblocks that hold people back from enjoying cycling.

At the end of the day, cycling is a pretty simple hobby and sport. BUT, there are information gaps and minutia that can make cycling intimidating or frustrating.

For example, maybe you want to try a new type of cycling (road cycling, gravel biking, etc.), or perhaps you’re trying to understand some cycling jargon you just heard. I’ve cycled thousands of miles, but I still find new steps like these to be pretty intimidating.

In my experience, the #1 most valuable thing to help you overcome these kinds of hurdles, is a friend that’s done it before. At Cycling Beast, we aim to be that friend. Or at least the digital version 🙂

We hope that you’ll find all of the guides and FAQ answers on our blog helpful, it’s all free.

Who is JJ?

I’m not known for my selfie-skills 🙂

Now, just a little bit about me.

I love to cycle, and I particularly like bicycle touring. Here are a few highlights of notable trips I’ve completed:

  • The Southern Tier Route (California to Florida): 3,000+ miles, self-supported bike trip
  • Journey to Niagara Falls (Indiana to New York): 400-500 miles, supported bike trip
  • Natchez Trace Parkway (Mississippi to Tennessee): 400-500 miles, supported bike trip
  • Michigan Shoreline (Michigan): 300-400 miles, supported bike trip

But, touring isn’t my only experience. I’ve also done mountain biking, and bicycle “commuting” (i.e. going from A to B with a bike instead of a car).

If you’re into gear, I have used a Cannondale road bike for a lot of my miles (an SR500 to be specific), I’ve also spent a lot of time on a Specialized mountain bike. But my current primary bike, is a Cannondale cyclocross bike, which I like because I can take it on roads or on rougher terrain. Plus it has mounts for a full trunk rack, which is handy for touring.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about cycling, is the strong friendships you can build while cycling long-stretches together. And as someone who has spent a lot of time on a bike, it brings me a great deal of joy when I can help someone who is less experienced have a great cycling experience.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, let me introduce you to the team of passionate cyclists and contributing writers who help make Cycling Beast a hub for diverse expertise and insider knowledge.

  • Rob Lowe – Urban Cycling Connoisseur and seasoned Content Specialist, brings over a decade of experience riding the urban jungle. His expertise isn’t just in pedaling through the metropolis but also in enriching our community with well-researched articles on urban cycling safety, gear reviews, and the evolving landscape of commuter cycling. A staunch advocate for cyclists’ rights and eco-friendly travel, Rob has not only completed numerous century rides across major cities but also stays at the forefront of innovation, analyzing the latest developments in e-bikes and compact folding bicycles.
  • Marco Garcia – Adventure Cyclist and Gear Technician Marco brings a wealth of knowledge from the adventurous side of cycling. Having conquered numerous mountain biking trails across the Americas, he shares his experiences with trail riding, bike maintenance, and survival skills. His technical background in bike mechanics ensures that his gear reviews are detailed and practical for enthusiasts and pros alike.
  • Emma Fisher – Competitive Road Racer and Trainer Emma is a competitive road cyclist with multiple state championships under her belt. She specializes in training regimens, nutrition, and performance cycling. At Cycling Beast, Emma provides insights into the world of competitive racing, from crafting the perfect training plan to preparing for race day.
  • Liam Chen – Bicycle Touring Ambassador and Environmental Advocate Liam has pedaled across continents, documenting his journey to promote cycling as a means of eco-friendly travel. He’s an expert in long-distance cycling and bicycle touring, providing our readers with comprehensive guides on planning, packing, and sustaining multi-day cycling trips. His passion for sustainability is reflected in his recommendations for green cycling practices.
  • Rachel Walker – Family Cycling Proponent and Children’s Coach Rachel believes in fostering a love for cycling from a young age and has been instrumental in developing community programs for children’s cycling education. She reviews family-friendly cycling gear, shares tips on teaching children to ride, and organizes group rides that cater to young cyclists and their families.

Thanks again for stopping by, and if there’s anything we can do to make the site better, feel free to send us a note on our contact page.