Can BMX Bikes Go Off-Roading or on Trails? (Bad Idea?)

If you want to try riding some off-road trails, but you only have a BMX bike you can use, then you might find yourself wondering:

Can BMX bikes go off-roading?

Generally, BMX bikes can be used off-road or on trails. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and durable, all of which help them to perform well on trails. However, compared to mountain bikes, BMX bikes have less capable brakes (often only having one rear brake), gear sets, and suspension systems.

And if you’re considering taking your BMX bike on a trail, you’ll want to know a few other things.

Like whether BMX bikes are truly built for off-roading.

Let’s jump straight into that.

Are BMX Bikes Built for Off-Roading?


BMX bikes are built specifically for racing or stunts, not necessarily for trails. However, the characteristics that make BMX bikes so easy to ride while performing tricks also help them perform on off-road terrain.

The frame structure and lightweight design, which make the bike simpler to move and do tricks, are the most crucial characteristics to consider. Riders can use these to take their BMX bikes to off-road trails.

The bikes are also built to be rather durable in general, making it easier to ride bumps or drops on a trail.

How Do They Perform?

BMX bikes in general perform well on shorter trails with a smoother terrain. With the advantage of a lightweight design, they are by nature easy to maneuver and control which is important when it comes to off-road riding.

As BMX bikes are intended for tricks, their design is also incredibly durable and they are able to absorb a lot of the impact you would encounter while riding on a trail.

If you’re looking to ride a longer or more difficult trail with uneven terrain, a BMX bike would need some modification to be able to perform at that level.

The main drawback here would come from the single brake system typically equipped on a BMX bike. If you’re trying to ride a trail with a lot of obstacles and rough terrain, a single brake system might not be sufficient, and you should consider a mountain bike as an alternative.

BMX vs. Mountain Bikes (Key Differences for Trails)


Compared to mountain bike tires with deep grooves, BMX tires are often smooth. While traction is still vital for BMX bikes, they often do not require the extra grooves and texture that mountain bikes do to ride muddy trails, slippery grass, or loose gravel.


Mountain bikes perform better when traveling up and down slopes, because they typically have a good gear set with a variety of gears to assist you in retaining momentum during the ride.

BMX bikes, on the other hand, are built for freestyle riding and often feature a single gear system.


Most mountain bikes include powerful disc brakes for braking on steep descents. These disc brakes are equipped with a cable system that connects the brake handle on the handlebars to the brakes themselves and clips into place on the bike frame. 

On BMX bikes, the brake is more likely to be a V-brake, which consists of two blocks that squeeze on the tire, with friction providing the stopping power. This reduces the total weight of the bike, but is also less powerful than disc brakes.

A gyro braking mechanism is one of the most noticeable distinctions between some BMX bikes and certain mountain bikes.

Some BMX bikes’ handlebars may be turned in any direction without twisting the brake cord or stopping the handlebars from moving at all thanks to a sophisticated locking mechanism on the bike’s handlebar post. 

This is vital for standard BMX riding since many stunts require riders to spin the handlebars around, thus having a brake wire that doesn’t get in the way is essential.

Can you put pegs on a mountain bike? Check our separate article about this topic to find out.

Can You Upgrade a BMX To Perform Better on Trails?

Yes, BMX bikes can be simply altered to meet off-road conditions. The following are some simple techniques to get your BMX bike better prepared for off-road riding:

1. Replacing your wheels

You may replace the wheels with larger ones, much like on a mountain bike.

Replacing your BMX bike’s wheels with larger ones similar to those seen on mountain bikes would improve the bike’s flexibility and structure for trail riding.

2. Adding on to your bike’s braking system

Install a front brake in addition to the rear brakes on your BMX bike. Your BMX bike is most likely equipped with a single rear brake system. 

The addition of front brakes improves the braking system, making it easier to deal with any abrupt shocks or barriers on rocky terrain. 

This can help protect you and your bike against accidents or inconveniences such as a flat tire caused by an obstacle you were unable to dodge quickly enough.

3. Installing suspension

Install suspension on your BMX bike to ride more comfortably on trails. Suspensions are basically required if you want to ride a bike comfortably on trails. 

Adding suspension to your BMX bike will allow you to maintain a firm grip on your bike while riding. Furthermore, your body will feel less pressure while riding any uneven terrain on a trail.

4. Raising the position of the seat

Increase the height of your seat so that it is level with your waist, allowing you to ride the bike while sitting. 

When sitting, the best position for riding a BMX bike is when the seat aligns with the rider’s height. As a result, elevating the seat position aids in this endeavor. In exchange, you may ride your BMX bike comfortably and for extended periods of time on trails.

5. Equipping your BMX bike with a multiple gear system

Install one or two more gear systems to expand your BMX’s gear system. BMX bikes are built with a single gear system.

Installing additional gear or even multiple gear systems on the bike increases its flexibility even further. It also lets you control your speed and maintain a firm grip on your bike while riding on trails.


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